What is Birth Control Sponge?

The birth control sponge, also known as the contraceptive sponge or simply the sponge, is a form of barrier contraception that is used to prevent pregnancy.


Non-hormonal: The birth control sponge does not release hormones into the body, making it a suitable option for women who prefer non-hormonal contraception or have contraindications to hormonal methods.

Over-the-counter availability: The sponge can be purchased without a prescription, providing easy access to contraception without the need for a healthcare professional visit.

Autonomy and privacy: The sponge can be inserted and removed by the user, allowing women to have control over their contraception and maintain privacy.

How Does the Birth Control SpongWork?

Traps and absorbs sperm.

Continuously releases spermicide to kill sperm.

Covers the cervix so that sperm can’t reach the egg.




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