The Importance of Your Annual Physical

The Importance of Your Annual Physical
Healthy people tend to operate under the false assumption that just because they feel fine, there must not be anything wrong with them.The truth is that many health problems go unnoticed until they become serious. That’s where annual physical exams and our team at Millennium Park Medical Associates in Chicago, Illinois, can help.Led by Dr. Farah Khan, our skilled and experienced board-certified internist, our team offers yearly exams for all our patients. We hear lots of excuses about being too busy and not understanding the value in these well visits, so we’ve taken the opportunity to outline the reasons you shouldn’t ignore these regular appointments.

Strengthens the relationship with your physician

While it’s true that seeing Dr. Khan at least once a year will help you get to know each other, the value goes beyond social niceties.

Regular visits allow Dr. Khan to establish a baseline of your overall health and document what’s normal for you. This way, when you experience a health problem, she has a clear picture of just how far you’ve strayed from your normal blood pressure, heart rate, body temperature, or weight.

Assesses your overall health

From checking your vital signs to screening you for various diseases and reviewing your personal and family medical history, Dr. Khan performs a series of tests and asks in-depth questions that give her valuable information about your overall health.

Depending on your risk factors, Dr. Khan may screen you for osteoporosis, hypertension, diabetes, sexually transmitted diseases, and certain cancers. In most cases, diagnosing and treating these conditions early makes all the difference in your ability to resolve the issue.

Updates your immunizations

If you’re like many people, you may mistakenly believe that vaccines are for kids. But there are many vaccinations that require boosters later in life, and if you’re missing yours, you may be at risk for certain diseases.

Also, if you’ve lost track of your immunization card or aren’t sure whether you’ve had all your shots, Dr. Khan can advise you about which vaccines you still need.

Helps you with lifestyle changes

Even if you feel perfectly healthy, Dr. Khan may identify certain habits, environments, or tendencies that put you at risk for future health problems. She may recommend losing weight, reducing stress, quitting smoking, changing laundry detergents, or avoiding certain foods, to name a few of things.

We offer specialized physicals, too

In addition to annual physicals, Dr. Khan also offers specialized exams to comply with requirements for work, sports, or immigration proceedings, or Department of Transportation requirements.

Schedule your annual physical now

Keep in mind that a once-a-year appointment when you’re feeling well may enable you to ward off weeks, months, or years of doctor visits in the future to deal with a condition you could have prevented with an annual physical.

To schedule your annual physical with Dr. Khan, book it online or call either of our two Chicago offices in the Lakeview neighborhood or the Loop.

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